Finding solutions at the intersection of entrepreneurship and community health.

We give students access to two distinct program streams. Both streams place an emphasis on community health. Both provide access to funding, mentorship, partnership, and learning.

For local students who want to develop community-health solutions.

The Impact Stream

Our Impact Stream is for student-led organizations and social ventures that need access to seed funding, mentorship, and community-partnership in order to scale their impact.

At the end of the day you’ll be able to expand the reach of your project, and be empowered with measurable impact outcomes that you can leverage to further grow.

The Needs Assessment Stream

Our Needs Assessment Stream is for students that have a passion for solving health problems, or even an idea for a project, but want to be validated by community needs and organizations before jumping in.

You’ll leave having run a Needs Assessment in your community, having developed a project that responds to those needs, and be working with a community partner to roll it out.

For community-partners that want support from passionate students.

Find talent for your community health project.

As part of our Needs Assessment Stream, we often embed talented and passionate students into existing community health initiatives run by our community partners. This is a chance for you to innovate and execute a project that needs extra support and brain-power.

Partner with a growing community health initiative.

Interested to see what students are doing to solve health problems? Want to help bring that impact to those you serve? Our Impact Stream teams often require partnerships with community organizations to bring their work into the community. You can see some examples here. This is a chance to help more people by leveraging an existing team and idea.

For passionate students that want to launch community-health incubators of their own.

Join our platform for developing community health incubators.

We’ve worked to support the development of Accel Labs in London, ON and Prototype in Toronto, ON. Now, we want to provide support, resources, and a shared platform for students across the country that want to accelerate the emergence of health solutions in their community. Interested?

Learn more about community health, local issues, and relevant skills through expert-led workshops and community exchanges.

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